Busasaurus is a Dublin transport app that offered all of the buses from both Dublin Bus and Go Ahead Ireland in one convenient location. Busasaurus is no longer under active development and has been sunset due to an ever changing data source that proved unreliable. You can check it out on GitHub here.


Favourites & swipe view

swipe The favourites view of the app was where you got to see all of your favourites stops. You could add favourite stops and then give them a name and crucially, only select buses that you were interested in. Then, once you had done this, your favourites were sorted by proximity to your location. The stop at the top of the list had the added benefit of being featured in the swipe view. Here you could simply swipe the bus to see when the next one was due.

Map view

map The map view did exactly what it said on the tin. It showed you all the stops on a map! As well as this you could make use of the search bar. Here you could search for a stop number, a route number, or an address, all from the one location.


pong One of the last features added to the app was a Pong loader. This way when you were bored at the bus stop, and just pulling to refresh over and over again waiting for your bus to arrive, at least you had a game to play! This was a hard one to implement, but I think it came out pretty nice.

More screenshots


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